Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Obsession - Victoria Beckham's Head to Toe Black Ensemble at Heathrow

Victoria Beckham at Heathrow Airport

When it comes to Victoria Beckham I'm in two mind sets - sometimes she looks absolutely amazing and other times she just comes off looking like a trashy bimbo who is missing a few brain cells. I've shuddered a few times seeing her reality show when she first moved to LA and some of the editorials and campaigns (Remember her in the paper bag in the Marc Jacobs campaign? What the hell was with that???). However, I rather like her clothing & accessories label and her book titled "That Extra Half Inch Inch". Some have questioned whether the line and book are really her own doings. If I knew for sure that they were, then I think I would be forced to retract my previous comment on her being a bit of a bimbo.

I saw one of the above images in a Who Magazine which was lying around the office at work and googled it straight away to find more images. Beckham is pregnant with her 4th child in this pic yet I hardly think you can tell. I'm quite a fan of the head to toe black look. I'm equally of fan of over the knee boots, black tights and sleek blazer. They are staple pieces in my wardrobe. Her Brian Atwood boots and a bag from her own line are gorgeous. Winter wardrobe checklist - tuxedo blazer, basic black top and leggings & a pair of killer suede boots please!

The Row Fall 2011

 The ultimate fur collection!

 Loving the powder blue knitted scarf!

The Row Fall 2011

When it comes to fashion I love texture whether it be a pebble leather, fur (vintage or faux of course), a little velvet, or some luxurious cashmere. I love mixing a few different textures together together too because it adds different dimensions to an outfit. Naturally then I'm a fan of the latest The Row collection as it encompasses this. I've adored the Olsen Twins since the days of watching "Off to Grandma's House We Go" & "The Little Rascals" and love seeing their unusual ensembles. They are incredibly stylish without being followers of the pack. I admire their style because they take risks and incorporate vintage. I keep their book "Influence " by my bed, it never disappoints when seeking a little outfit inspiration.
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