Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fashionistas Olivia Palermo and Bianca Brandolini D'Adda

I've been obsessing over these pics since I first saw them a couple of weeks ago during my uni exams. Olivia Palermo's and Bianca Brandolini D'Adda's outfits are beyond fabulous. I always love getting fashion inspiration which I can transcend into my own look - usually I'm attracted to glamourous haute couture and can therefore only dream! I love Olivia's ensemble - the black skinny jeans, the blazer, the fur vest, the crocodile clutch and those super cute ballet flats. The perfect fur vest is on my list for next years autumn/winter (We are currently having our Summer in Aus). Thankfully, I can incorporate black skinny jeans, ballet flats & and the perfect brown clutch now. I've been meaning to buy all these items for a while now and these pic are further affirmation that I need them! Olivia's look is classic, yet on trend, whilst maintaining street cred. As much as I found her personality annoying on The City, I can't help but be fascinated by her style. The girl is a master at mixing designer, high street & vintage. Bianca's look is less polished but still fantastic - ahh I want her sun-kissed looking hair & her Peekaboo Fendi Bag. I'm a big fan of taupe coloured scarves too. I've worn my silk Oroton one to death! I want to look this chic on my coffee date catch-ups with friends....

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday hôtel de mode!

Hana Soukupova
Photographed by Arthur Elgort 
Tatler Russia May 2010

Happy 1st Birthday
hôtel de mode!

I'm proud to announced that hôtel de mode celebrated its 1st birthday yesterday.I would like to thank all my followers for their support over the last year. I love reading your comments.One of the highlights of my day is updating my blog and checking out what my fellow fashionistas have blogged about. I can not believe this is my 203rd post. Time flies!

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Thanks again!

Mademoiselle Stefani

Medallion Necklaces - White Moth Jewelry

As of late, I've been on the lookout for fantastic coin and medallion inspired jewelry and along my hunt I came across a new line of jewelry called White Moth Jewelry New York City (WM&CO). The current collection comprises of sophisticated sterling silver medallion necklaces available in a variety of styles including the company's signature moth design, as well as shapes such as hearts. The necklaces look fantastic both worn individually or layered, on either a single or on multiple chains. The pieces are on-trend, while maintaining a timeless appeal. Personally, I enjoy wearing jewelry that means something to me as an individual. My favourite piece from the collection has to be the No 8 necklace below. Number 8 is my lucky number - I was born on 8.8.88! With Christimas just around the corner, the pieces make a fantastic & unique gift choice for friends or family (or to oneself!), allowing you to pick a meaningful number, inspirational symbol or vintage piece that evokes memories from historical times.

Check out the collection at WM&CO's online store here.

On my xmas wishlist!

Number medallion necklaces

Star & cross medallion necklaces

Monday, November 29, 2010

It Girl of the Moment - Clemence Poesy

French actress Clemence Poesy is on a roll this year - playing Eva, the girl who nursed Chuck Bass back to health after being attacked in Gossip Girl, and reappearing in the latest Harry Potter film, Hp7 Part 1 as Fleur Delacour. Not to mention featuring in the new Chloe fragrance campaign. She is a natural beauty, with a sweet nature about her, and a fabulous wardrobe of course. Her style is rather effortlessly chic - sweet girly dresses, blazers & jeans, teamed with her beautiful slightly wavy, golden hair & fair complexion. 

As Eva appearing alongside Chuck Bass played by Ed Westwick

As Fleur Delacour in Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire

London premier of HP7  Deathly Hallows Part 1

Chloe fragrance campaign

 Loving this look!

 In Tatler April 2010

 Gorgeous white ensemble

 The perfect combination of grunge meets glamour

Looking incredibly chic in black & white

Pics from Who What Wear, Gossip Girl Facebook page, Knight Cat & Fab Sugar

Friday, November 26, 2010

Ladylike in Louis Vuitton

Saaset Isil Aksoy in Louis Vuitton
Marie Claire Turkey November 2010
Photography by Tamer Yilmaz

Fashion is making the well needed change for studded grunge to ladylike chic - think cinched waists, corset bodices, simple pumps (forget the 15cm platforms!), glamorous up-do hairstyles & simple make-up. I, as much as the next fashion obsessed girl, have enjoyed wearing grungy ensembles, Balmain-inspired studs and heavy embellished garments & heavy-metal jewellery, but it is really growing a little tired. I've had to buy a few new items for my wardrobe over the past couple of weeks for my new job and have opted for simple, classic, tailored items which I can mix and match with things I already have. I am obsessed with my new black satin blazer, skinny leg black pants and nude & black print dress from Australian chain label, Cue. Not to mention, a fabulous mini-suitcase bag I picked up from a vintage store. Look to fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Grace Kelly for ladylike inspiration.

Ladylike Chic Fashion Icons:
 Audrey Hepburn - isn't she just stunning?

 Jackie Kennedy Onassis sporting her signature trench coat

Grace Kelly looking fabulous in a high waisted bikini

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Florals for Spring

I am back! I wish I could say I've been away doing something terribly exciting, but rather I was sitting at a desk for what felt like an eternity studying for my law exams. Exams are over now, and although my new job will be keeping me busy this summer, I should have lots of time to blog :) It was so hard picking a topic for my first post after all this time. There have been so many fabulous fashion editorials, a few new fashionista in the lime light, fantastic lookbooks, brand collaborations like Lanvin for H&M (I'm in love!), but in the end I decided on florals because even though it may be clichéd, I can't help being drawn to florals in the Spring. In Sydney we've had some pretty wild weather over the last month from storms to overcast cloudy weather & a few very random days (or half days) of actual Spring weather, but the sunny weather seems to have finally set in. It hasn't been much of a Spring, which is usually by favourite time of the year because the flowers are in bloom, you can wonder around in a pretty, floating dress without being cold or too hot, and there are those fabulous warm nights perfect so relaxing outdoors with friends over dinner or a cup of tea.

Here is a montage of pics which have been getting me in the mood for the sunny Spring days:

 English roses are so gorgeous!

 Isabel lucas looking adorable with roses in hand

 Such a cute puppy :)


 Take me here!

 Loving the Stone Cold Fox Lady Botanica 2010 Lookbook

 Nothing beats a sweet white dress for sunny Spring days

Pics from Knight Cat, Wildfox, Dirty Blonde, Fashion Gone Rogue, {this is glamour}, Oh Fashion Model & others.
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