Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sixties Icon Twiggy turns 60

On September 19, 2010 Twiggy turned 60! I've been meaning to do a post on her but it slipped my mind.... until I was going through my enormous collection of pics today. Here is a little tribute to iconic the British model, actress & singer.

Such a stunning, unique look! Perhaps a little too thin for my liking but that stare...amazing!

Wise Words

I love collecting quirky little sayings and inspiring quotes. Here are my favs of the moment:

 There's just something about 11:11 which makes it more special than other times...

 From Adele's "Chasing Pavements" song - Fantastic stuff!

 I feel as though I can relate to this trying as I'm trying to figure out what I want to do when I graduate at the end of next year

 Something I need to keep in mind...
 If you saw how excited I get about the release of the latest Harper's Bazaar or Vogue you would understand why I love this quote so much
 She is such a wise woman

And this one is from the fortune cookie I had last night. I think it's one of my favourite fortunes yet :)

Others from We Heart It/Yvan Rodie/ Le Love/ They All Hate Us

Layered Swimwear in Russh #36

Karolin Walter
Photographed by Benny Horne

I finally got my copy of the latest Russh October/November Issue #36 yesterday! Pages & pages of off-the-beaten track style inspiration. I particularly liked this fashion editorial featuring layered swimwear. The lilac Zimmermann swimsuit is amazing - awesome back! But my fav pieces have to be the Herve Leger bandage swimwear. They are absolutely stunning and oh so flattering. I learnt the true meaning of bandage style clothing when I had a cat-nap in my bandage dress yesterday - I really did feel like my body had been tightly bandaged when I woke up!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random Outfit Inspiration

 Blogger Columbine Smille rocking Biker Chic to perfection - loving the blouse under the jacket

Ah-mazing white blouse, costume necklace & blazer ensemble

 Can't go past an LBD & Riding Boots

 I've developed an obsession for this pic - that lace skirt & those shoes 

 I've always been a leopard print fan!

Carine Roitfeld before the Marc Jacobs show - a perfect fashion moment!

Pics from Columine Smille/ Tommy Ton for Bella 185/ Eriv Ray Davidson

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Australia's Next Top Model Final Tonight!

I'm so excited to watch the final of Australia's Next Top Model. I think it's going to be so close. I can't decide between the girls so much that I haven't actually voted yet. I simply cannot pick one. Amanda, Sophie & Kelsey each have their strengths and weakness. Amanda is an all rounder - she can do both catwalk & photoshoot, and both commercial and high fashion. From memory she has won the most challenges of the girls and I would say she probably has the greatest chance of winning. Although, personally I find her a little boring looks wise and her personality a little flat. Sophie on the other has an enormous personality. Up until last week she was my fav top model after Kathryn, but I found her just too full of herself on the Harper's Bazaar shoot. However, the girl does have most amazing eyes, the determination and has definitely improved the most throughout the competition. And then there's Kelsey. I must say after not particularly liking her through the season, the girl has really grown on me. She always looks amazing in photoshoots, is determined but not cocky, and she isn't even that short! It will be really interesting to see who the public chooses to win. 

As a side note, it was great to see Harper's Bazaar Stylist, Christine Centenera, in action last week. I must say she was nothing like what I imagined. I was surprised by her bluntness. The girl in the pictures in the amazing outfits seems so much less opinionated and more easy going. But I guess that's how you have to be to survive in the fashion fashion industry...

Pics from the Harper's Bazaar photoshoot from last week's espisode:


Kelsey - she looks so amazing that I think she will have to get my vote

I can't wait to see the winner's cover & editorial in Harper's Bazaar Australia!
Tell me who you want to win and why in a comment :)

Pics from Australia's Next Top Model website & Facebook page

Monday, September 27, 2010

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld's NYC Apartment

Over the last few days I've found myself more intrigued and interested in house magazines, blogs featuring interiors and buying homewares than ever. I must be growing up! I've always been interested in decorating and interiors, but still loved clothes so much more. I think it won't be long before I love them both equally. So expect to see more decorating & interior inspiration on hôtel de mode. I'm particularly interested in getting inspiration from the homes of fashion designers and other influential people in the world of fashion. Who better to start with than Julia Restoin-Roitfled in her NYC home?  I love the simplicity of the wooden floor, white walls and modern furniture. The little quirky details give the space character. Her place incredibly personalised despite it's minimalism. The stacks of magazines & fashion coffee table books remind me of my space.

Oh I just love her bag - I'm a massive fan of drawstring bags!

 Another one of my recent obsessions - Orchids

Julia is so naturally stunning

 Adorable :)

 The ultimate shoe collection


 Such a cool photo

Loving this vintage tiger bracelet - I have a snake one which I just adore

Pics from The Selby
(My new fav blog! - Check it out)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Emilio Pucci Spring 2011 | Milan Fashion Week

Wow! That's the first word that came to mind when I saw Pucci's latest collection. My original plan was to do individual posts on my favourite pieces/designers from each of the major fashion weeks starting with New York, moving on the London, then Milan etc. With the amount of uni week I've had to do, I haven't got round to compiling all the pictures. And then when I saw this collection, I just couldn't wait to post it! This is what my dream summer/spring wardrobe would look like - sheer, blue & white psychedelic print maxis and kaftans, brown leather sandals, and crochet dresses. I love how the fabrics just flow as the models strut along the runway, the lace-up detailing,  the summery 'I did it myself hair' and natural-looking makeup. It's making me get all excited for the warm summer months ahead :)
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