Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend Inspiration

Finally the weekend is here! After a stressful week of uni & assignments I can finally relax.  It's a beautiful sunny Sydney spring day. Ooo that's alliteration :) The last couple of days I've really been into the luxe hippy/boho look - tie dye, bangles, turquoise stone jewellery, long flowing maxi dresses & skirts, loose linen pants, & flowing hair. I'm really trying to move away from the all-black look and going for something more casual. This spring/summer is all about understated glamour for me.

My fav inspirational pics/clips of the moment:
Can't get enough of Florence + The Machine's "Dog Days Are Over"

Drew Barrymore in Harper's Bazaar US October 2010 issue
Doesn't she look fabulous! That dress has such a 70s vibe.

Loving this boho skirt

Hermes - even they are into the luxe hippy look

Can't get enough of Frassy's boho look

Ashley Smith & Masha Novoselova in Vogue Turkey

So true!

Pics from Le Fashion/ Wildfox/ They All Hate Us/ Frassy/ Fashion Gone Rogue/ Stylish Wonderer/ Le Love

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