Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Australia's Next Top Model

I've become obsessed with watching Australia's Next Top Model on Tuesday nights. This is the first season I've watched of the series for more than a few minutes. I've watched bits and pieces of the American series, but I had never been all that keen on the Australian series - until now that is! My favourite model was Kathryn. I was so disappointed to see her leave the show last week. There is something so chic and sweet about her. My second favourite is Sophie. She has a great look about her and such a determined personality. She has transformed so much from the beginning of the series and her new hair cut looks fabulous. One of my favourite things about the show it how it has incorporated the girls meeting various designers and photographers. I loved the episode where the girls went down to Melbourne and met the designers of J'Aton & Alannah Hill, and last week's yacht shoot with Georges Antoni. Another favourite episode was when the girls were in the Bonds show at the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival. I'm also a massive fan of Alex Perry's creations, so it's great to see him on the show. And how could I forget to girl's mentor Josh Flinn - he is just too cute.

Sarah Murdoch - Executive Producer, Presenter & Judge of Australia's Next Top Model

The launch:
Judges Sarah Murdoch, Alex Perry & Charlotte Dawson

The Contestants - their outfits are amazing!

Sarah Murdoch with the top 6 at the Bonds Show at the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival

The Alex Perry show at the festival

My favourite shots of Kathryn:

Absolutely stunning in Hermes!

My favourite shots of Sophie:

Sophie was so amazing at the Cosmo shoot

I think she looks absolutely amazing in the Giorgio Armani suit

Can't wait to catch tonight's episode - It's down to the final 4!

Who's your favourite Top Model?
Tell me in a comment :)

Pics from Australia's Next Top Model site & Facebook page/ news.com.au/ smh/ zimbio

1 comment:

  1. I loved Kathryn too. Sad to see her go :( I think every single shot she took was beyond gorgeous and she has such a classic look.

    Sophie.. wasn't really a fan of her until the last shoot! She rocked that Armani suit like she was straight out of the pages of Vogue.

    I don't know who I want to win this year, which is strange cos I always am so passionate about the winner. I liked Jo, but she left, and Kelsey, but she irritates me sometimes. I think Amanda would be a good choice for winner, but I am really just not fussed about it this year :/

    Oh yeah, but I don't like Jess :P


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