Thursday, November 25, 2010

Florals for Spring

I am back! I wish I could say I've been away doing something terribly exciting, but rather I was sitting at a desk for what felt like an eternity studying for my law exams. Exams are over now, and although my new job will be keeping me busy this summer, I should have lots of time to blog :) It was so hard picking a topic for my first post after all this time. There have been so many fabulous fashion editorials, a few new fashionista in the lime light, fantastic lookbooks, brand collaborations like Lanvin for H&M (I'm in love!), but in the end I decided on florals because even though it may be clichéd, I can't help being drawn to florals in the Spring. In Sydney we've had some pretty wild weather over the last month from storms to overcast cloudy weather & a few very random days (or half days) of actual Spring weather, but the sunny weather seems to have finally set in. It hasn't been much of a Spring, which is usually by favourite time of the year because the flowers are in bloom, you can wonder around in a pretty, floating dress without being cold or too hot, and there are those fabulous warm nights perfect so relaxing outdoors with friends over dinner or a cup of tea.

Here is a montage of pics which have been getting me in the mood for the sunny Spring days:

 English roses are so gorgeous!

 Isabel lucas looking adorable with roses in hand

 Such a cute puppy :)


 Take me here!

 Loving the Stone Cold Fox Lady Botanica 2010 Lookbook

 Nothing beats a sweet white dress for sunny Spring days

Pics from Knight Cat, Wildfox, Dirty Blonde, Fashion Gone Rogue, {this is glamour}, Oh Fashion Model & others.

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  1. That is super pretty! Nice work.


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