Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Obsessions of the Moment

Helena Christensen's Furry Friend
Vogue Paris

A dog!
This morning while I was having a lovely breakfast on South Cronulla Beach with a close friend,  while watching the local talent walk past, I couldn't help notice that nearly everyone seemed to have a cute dog in tow. I'm definitely not encouraging anyone to go out and get a dog without carefully considering whether they are committed to giving them to TLC that they deserve, but I think they definitely make great running/walking buddies. They are possibly better company than most boyfriends too - they are loyal, don't have other commitments like work or boys nights out, and they will love you even if you yell at them when you get angry or buy them the wrong food!

 Camilla & Marc Ida Pant

Jeffrey Campbell Pixie Zip Wedge

I've promised myself this year I will focus on saving more money and working with the clothes I have in my already over-flowing wardrobe. But who says I can't add a couple staple pieces to this upcoming winter season without saving at the same time? Over the last couple of weeks I've had my eyes set on these fantastic Camilla & Marc pants (I'm a big fan of super tight classic black pants) and have already started mentally composing possible ensembles with what I already have (keeping to my promise!). As for the boots, my love of 15cm heels has finally caught up with me and I've been restricted to wearing flat sandals and boots. I must say wearing flat shoes out has been rather great as it makes it easier to run around the city and of course there isn't that dreaded foot fatigue. I do miss the height though, so I'm thinking a pair of edgy platform wedges may be my new shoe of choice for the nights out once my foot heals :)

 Hotel Costes Vol. 12
Stephane Pompougnac

Whenever I feel like chilling out I always go straight to my Hotel Costes playlist. I had my favourite tracks playing for the first hour of my 21st birthday party last August while the guests were arriving. The music always makes me feel like I am somewhere incredibly chic and effortlessly cool. Hence, why I love playing it while in the pool - it's like creating my own Ivy Pool Club at home! The new volume is fantastic, with a number of tracks making it to my Hotel Costes favourites list.

1 comment:

  1. Love that Camilla & Marc pant <3

    & those boots are gorgeous!


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