Saturday, May 22, 2010


Letters to Juliet:
I watched Letters to Juliet last Friday with my best friend and enjoyed it immensely. Yes it was incredibly unrealistic, and unfortunately such romantic notions about love simply do not exist in the real world, but it was a great feel-good movie. It was particularly entertaining to watch Chris Egan speak in his slightly unconvincing British accent.  I had a massive crush on Chris Egan when I was about 14 years old when he was on Home & Away - posters, autographs and watched the show religiously. Even a fansite. Sad, sad person I was! I'll blame it on being a teenage girl. The movie made me want to run away to the city of the Verona, visit the italian countryside and consume copious amounts of wine and cheese.

I've never considered myself the romantic type but I love a good romantic comedy every once in a while.  I've always believed that you don't need someone else to make you happy. Although, every once in a while I find myself on Le Love which is an absolutely fantastic blog - it's listed in my favourite blogs.

Here are a collection on love photos and images I've collected over the last couple of years:

Love love love this one!

Images from unknown sources/ Alice in Wardrobe WonderlandFashion LayneLe Love

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