Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Wonderland Madness

After my last post on all things Alice in Wonderland, I found this music video by Kerli off the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack "Almost Alice". The song has a teenybopper sound but is actually rather catchy after a couple of plays. The video which features a super glam tea party seems to me like a fusion of Alice in Wonderland with Marie Antoinette, which is another of my favourite movies. The costumes in the clip remind me of Playboy's Marie Antoinette costumes - mini couture gowns complete with suspender stockings.

Also, it's exciting to see that Top Hats are very much in fashion at the moment. On Saturday I went to the Surry Hills markets and there was a girl selling the most amazing hats. One in particular caught my eye, a miniature top hat with a feather. It would make for the perfect Racing Carnival outfit. There were lots of top hats in stores selling both new and vintage clothes in Surry Hills and I noticed when browsing through the best dressed photos from the Golden Slipper, that top hats featured in many of the outfits. I simply must get one!

Tea Party by Kerli:

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