Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Woman in Red

Nadia Serlidou
Photographed by Koray Birand
Harper's Bazaar Turkey June 2011

I've probably said it before - I'm obsessed with the colour red! I probably didn't even realise at first. Then one day I thought about it - Red car, laptop case, iphone case, several lipsticks, coffee mugs, stationery and a general collection of red bits & bobs. For some reason I don't tend to wear red clothes... perhaps out of fear of looking like Santa's little helper. I just got off the phone to my dear friend Sam who was deciding on what colour to paint her nails. Sure, it's not a ground breaking decision but sometimes it's that little bit of colour, especially on a cold Winter's day like today, that can give you a little lift. My current fashion mission - to mix some red into my black ensembles. And I'm thinking red may be the colour of choice for my next frock purchase :) As for this editorial - the Turkey publications seem to  be turning out some fantastic fashion shoots of late. Gorgeous styling & location I say.

1 comment:

  1. Hi! This is the first time I come across your blog and I love it! Following you on bloglovin' !

    Looking forward to more amazing pictures and editorials!

    - Sandra


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