Sunday, June 20, 2010

Recent Obsessions

After three very stressful weeks of studying and uni exams I am looking forward to posting lots of fabulous things on hôtel de mode. I find it very distracting blogging when I have uni work to get done because there are just so many fabulous blogs out there. I end up spending hours going from one to another in search of inspiration. I'm always on the look out for inspiration whether it be from people on the street, magazines, movies, music, blogs, my friends, anything really!

Mademoiselle Stefani

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Here are some of my random obsessions at the moment:
Athletic gear - the on-trend, simplistic kind of course!
I'm not sure whether it's the FIFA World Cup, or my goal to get toned, which had led to my new obsession in finding the perfect workout gear. This ensemble is perhaps too revealing for an afternoon run, particularly in winter, but I'm on the hunt for something similar.

Whenever I was incredibly bored studying for my law exams, I would look at this quote. I think that life is more enjoyable for those who don't think about everything too much. Thinking is good - thinking about your future, whether something makes or doesn't make you happy, whether you like something or agree with something, but then there is thinking too much which leads to becoming too critical and cynical. I think it is important  to just live sometimes, not think and enjoy being in the moment :)

Sneakers and Aviator Sunglasses
I love this pic! They both look uber cool. At the moment I'm all about being comfortable. For nights out I've swapped killer heels for wedge boots. After seeing this pic of the Olsen duo, I think I will be moving to incorporate sneakers into my outfits for the daytime. This pic shows that you don't need to compromise comfort for fashion. I'm thinking my sunglasses may need a update too. I usually treat myself to a new pair of designers sunnies every year or so. At the moment I have a very classic pair of Bulgari sunglasses, which I love, but I'm thinking I may acquire another edgier pair - maybe Tom Ford or Marc Jacobs aviators.

During my study break I spent quite a few nights at the movies - Wog Boy 2, The Back-Up Plan, Sex and the City 2 (Twice!).  Nothing like some popcorn, a choc-top,  a film, followed by a coffee for a great relaxing night out with some close friends.

Always chic and so versatile. You can't go past an iconic Burberry trench - I would love to own one! There is something incredibly sophisticated and elegant about a good trench. I have a black satin trench by Australian designer Madame Marie and another cream one my Sheike which I love wearing during the day or night with jeans, leggings or a dress.

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