Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lace Legs

Kasia Struss
Photographed by David Vasiljevic
Numero Tokyo September 2010
Combination of all things cool - lace tights, body suits, shaggy fur coats & lace-up ankle boots

Olivia Palermo

Taylor Momsen

Chloe Sevigny
Love this look! If only I could braid hair. Interesting quote too....

All things lace have been in for a while now. Unfortunately, the trend has a become a little tacky thanks to an overload of lace clothing and accessories available in high street stores (sounds better than chain stores). I've been meaning to do a post on lace for a while. Since I have collected so many pics, I thought I'd start with lace tights, which I'm still much a fan of. They are the perfect balance between showing off some skin, but still covering up a little. And they add a bit of an edge to liven up an outfit. It was when I saw the above pic of Chloe that I decided I simply must find a pair of lace tights and get myself a pair of suede ankle boots. I now own both :)  Surprisingly, a great pair of lace tights were harder to find than I thought. I ended up settling for a pair from Sportsgirl which are very similar to the ones warn above by Kasia in the Numero shoot. I was hoping to get something with a larger floral pattern, like the ones worn by Taylor Momsen, but I haven't come across any of the sort as yet.

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